Empire Comfort Systems 18" Driftwood Burncrete Logset with IP VF Slope Glaze Burner, LP

The new Empire Driftwood Burncrete Logs are hand painted with precision to reflect logs that could be found in nature. The result is a realistic stack of logs on your burner in your gas fireplace. Once stacked the flames dance and flicker through and behind these beautiful logs. Unlike a wood fire the vent-free logs generate consistent, controlled heat without flare-ups or die-downs. A Vent-Free Burner may be installed in a vented fireplace for use as a decorative appliance. A decorative appliance operates with an on/off switch or remote, and may not operate with a thermostat. The Slope Glaze Burner features concealed controls and includes an intermittent pilot and thermostat remote control (remote included). Includes: 18 inch, 8-piece Log Set, Slope Glaze Burner and Thermostat Variable Remote Control. Features: Model #: LS18CD-VFSE18P. Venting Type: Vent-Free. Logs:. Log Size: 18". 8-piece Log Set. Log Type: Driftwood Burncrete. Burner: BTUs: 32,000. Burner Size: 18". Fuel Type: Liquid Propane. Burner Type: Vent-Free. Not for Vented Applications. Control Type: Intermittent Pilot. Minimum Clearance Dimensions: 28" (FW) x 17" (RW) x 14" (D) x 17" (H).