Empire Comfort Systems 24" Rock Creek Logset with IP VF/V Slope Glaze Vista Burner, LP

This log set is specifically designed for see-through, island and peninsula type fireplaces. This beautifully designed log set features 11 hand-painted ceramic fiber logs that when stacked on the Slope Glaze Vista Burner provide a realistic look. The artistically crafted logs have an authentic bark look with split wood and sawn ends showing. The addition of the Vista Slope Glaze Burner is designed to conceal its controls behind a sliding panel. At every angle this fire has the look of a real wood fire with its flickering flames darting up through the realistic logs. With the flick of a switch your fire is ready for you to grab a good book, get comfy and enjoy! The artfully crafted logs provide a realistic look to the fire and complement the burner pattern to create a lifelike fire, flickering flames and warmth. Unlike a wood fire the vent-free logs generate consistent, controlled heat without flare-ups or die-downs. The Vista Slope Glaze Burner is designed for use in a multi-sided, peninsula or see-thru fireplace or firebox. The Slope Glaze Burner features concealed controls and includes an intermittent pilot and thermostat remote control (remote included). Includes: 24 inch, Refractory 11-piece Log Set, IP Slope Glaze Vista Burner and Thermostat Variable Remote Control. Features: Model #: LSU24RR-VFSUE24P. Venting Type: Vent-Free. Logs:. Log Size: 24". 11-piece Log Set. Log Type: Rock Creek Refractory. Burner:. BTUs: 38,000. Burner Size: 24". Fuel Type: Liquid Propane. Burner Type: Vent-Free/Vented. Control Type: Intermittent Pilot. Minimum Clearance Dimensions: 28" (FW) x 17" (D) x 18" (H).