Empire Comfort Systems 24" Kennesaw Logset with Manual VF Burner, LP

24" Kennesaw Log set with Manual VF Burner, LP. Includes: 24 inch, Kennesaw Refractory 9-piece Log set and Manual Vent-Free Burner. Features: Model #: HLS24R1-HVFM24P. Venting Type: Vent-Free. Logs:. Log Size: 24". 9-piece Log Set. Log Type: Kennesaw Refractory. Burner:. BTUs: 35,000. Burner Size: 24". Fuel Type: Liquid Propane. Control Type: Manual. Burner Type: Vent-Free. Ignition: Electronic Piezo. Minimum Clearance Dimensions: 30" (FW) x 23" (RW) x 14" (D) x 20" (H).

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