Empire Comfort Systems 30" Stacked Aged Oak Logset with Millivolt Vented Slope Glaze Burner, LP

The White Mountain Hearth Stacked Aged Oak Refractory Log Set is a beautiful hand painted set of 8 logs. They will look amazing in your firebox. The natural looking stack of this log set allows for flickering and dancing flames through the logs for a natural looking fire. Unlike a wood fire the vent-free logs generate consistent, controlled heat without flare-ups or die-downs. This burner is certified for use in an existing fireplace with an open damper flue. Vented systems do not burn the gas used cleanly and therefore need to be exhausted through an open chimney - similar to burning wood. A vented burner can only be used in this application. It is not convertible to vent-free operation. A vented burner is only available in a manual model and a millivolt model. This is a manual model. The BTU input range is from 40000 (reduced*) - 65000. The main advantage of a vented burner is the more realistic yellow flame created by the open flue. Unfortunately, to get the more realistic fire-look, the heat goes up the chimney as well. Note: This unit does not include a remote control. Compatible remote systems: FRBC (On/Off Remote), FREC (Electric Remote), FWS1 (On/Off Wall Switch). Includes: 30 inch, Stacked Aged Oak Refractory 8-piece Log Set with Slope Glaze Burner, Embers, Lava Rock, Flex Line and Fittings. Features: Model #: LS30SRAO-VSR30LP. Venting Type: Vented. Logs:. Log Size: 30". 8-piece Log Set. Log Type: Stacked Aged Oak Refractory. Burner:. Burner Size: 30". BTUs: 60000/75000. Fuel Type: Liquid Propane. Burner Type: Vented. Control Type: Millivolt with On/Off Switch. Minimum Clearance Dimensions: 34" (FW) x 15" (D) x 22" (H).

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