Empire FBB5 Blower - Auto Single Speed


BLOWER FOR BRECKENRIDGE FIREPLACE - Circulate the warmed air throughtout the room. This unit is optional for the following items: Empire SCV-1, VFD-32-FB0L, VFD-32-FB2CL, VFD-32-FB2DL, VFD-36-FB0L, VFD-36-FB2DL, VFD-36-FBCL, VFD-42-FB0F, VFD-42-FB0L, VFD-42-FB2CF, VFD-42-FB2CL, VFD-42-FB2DF, VFD-42-FB2DL, VFP-32-FB2CF, VFP-32-FB2CL, VFP-32-FB2DF, VFP-32-FB2EF, VFP-36-FB2CL, VFP-36-FB2DL, VFP-36-FB2EL, VFP-42-FB2CF, VFP-42-FB2DF, VFP-42-FB2DL, VFP-42-FB2EF, VFP-42-FB2EL, VFS-32-FB2DF, VFS-32-FB2EF, VFS-32-FB3DF, VFS-32-FB3EF, VFS-36-FB2DF, VFS-36-FB2EF, VFS-42-FB2DF, VFS-42-FBEF, FBB-5, VFP-42-FB2CF, VFP-42-FB2DF, VFP-42-FB2EF.


  • Original factory equipment
  • White Mountain Hearth
  • Included heat sensor and cord
Note: We always recommend contacting a sales representative to ensure that the fireplace, heater, or log set you are looking at fits your needs and measurements. Please advise that many fireplaces have many different options and accessories such as trim kits, liners, and media kits that are sold separately, we encourage you to reach out to us to make sure your fireplace package is complete and custom tailored to your needs.

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