Flint Hill 24 Inch Gas Log Set on Vent-Free/Vented Contour Burners

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SKU Flint-Hill-24-Inch-Gas-Log-Set-on-Vent-Free-Vented Contour-Burners

These systems combine the burner and log set into one package.Because they require a minimum of just 12 inches firebox depth, these compact systems fit easily into most fireplaces.

  • 24-inch Vent-Free Burners – up to 34000 Btu
  • Manual (VFDM) models
  • Special 10,000 Btu Millivolt model for bedroom applications (where allowed by code)
  • Choose Whiskey River Refractory or Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber model

Flint Hill Log Set: The Flint Hill Log Set features richly detailed, hand-painted Ceramic Fiber logs mou­­nted atop our Vent-Free Contour Burner. Includes glowing embers to add to the illusion of a real wood fire at any heat setting. This competitively priced log/burner is ideal for existing fireplaces and fireboxes and for new construction.

Includes: Burner, Logs and Glowing Embers.

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