Loft Series 24 Inch Vent-Free Multi-Sided Burner

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SKU Loft-Series-24-Inch-Vent-Free-Multi-Sided-Burner

A vent-free Millivolt Loft Burner may also be installed as a decorative appliance in a vented fireplace to provide ambiance and light – but without the heat. In a vented installation, the burner cannot be operated by thermostat, and the flue damper must be blocked open.A damper clamp is included with all Loft burners. Because IP Loft Burners include a thermostat remote and may not be installed as decorative appliances, a non-thermostat remote is available.

  • 3 sq. ft. of decorative glass to cover both sides of the burner top. Additional glass may be required to cover the firebox floor.
  • Use as Vented System requires switch or On/Off Remote.

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