Premium 36 Inch Vail Vent-Free Fireplaces, Peninsula & See-Through

Save $208.00

At 99.9-percent efficient, the 38,000 Btu Vail vent-free multi-sided system is the ultimate supplemental heat source for any home. This clean-burning fireplace employs oxygen depletion sensor technology to continuously monitor your room air and instantly shut off the gas well before oxygen drops to an unsafe level.

Vail systems include a built-in 24-inch Slope Glaze Vista Vent-Free Burner, arched frames with fixed screens, Banded Brick Liner, and glowing embers.

Options & Accessories:
  • Choose louvers in slat, arched, and mission – finished in matte black or hammered pewter.
  • Matching door sets and frames available.
  • Choose between five liners.
  • Rock Creek Refractory Log Set

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